Welcome to the Chalet Suisse in Quebec
Welcome to the Chalet Suisse in Quebec 

Come and spend your holidays in our Cottage

We are a 4 **** Cottage as per CITQ Evaluation (#279440)

Your Hosts

We are a native couple from Switzerland, happily married, and blessed with two healthy (and lively) kids. We are Alma & Patrick with Seraina and Mattia.

Our Philosophy

Enjoy our warm & modernly

equipped Cottage

in an authentic & natural Environment,

and take a Break
with your Family

from the daily,

fast paced Hectic.


What makes us different?

We have a large family room in the basement. As much as we know, our cottage is the only one in the area with a family room :-)


Summer Style

Nature, BBQ, Relaxing

Winter Living

Skiing, Fireplace, Silence

Inside Views

Warmth, Modern, Space

Seraina, playing with pebble stones, on the Ile aux Coudres
Early autumn in Charlevoix
On the ferry "Joseph Savard" looking towards 'Le Massif'
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